Monday 20th November 2017


Our International Students speak dozens of different languages and come from countries all around the world.


Number of Countries

AUSTRALIA          ARGENTINA          BRAZIL          BRUNEL          CHILE          CHINA          COLOMBIA          CZECH REPUBLIC          ECUADOR          GERMANY          HONG KONG          INDIA          JAPAN          MACAU          MEXICO          THE PHILIPPINES          RUSSIA          SAUDI ARABIA          SINGAPORE          SOUTH KOREA          SPAIN          TAIWAN          THAILAND          TURKEY          UKRAINE          UNITED ARAB EMIRATES          UNITED KINGDOM          USA          VENEZUELA          VIETNAM


49% Male, 51% Female


Students with Agency Support

Grade Breakdown

85% Secondary, 15% Elementary

Richmond 89%

BC Secondary School Completion Rate 85%

Richmond 53%

BC Graduation with Honours Rate 47%

Richmond 93%

BC ELL Graduation Rate 87%

"The past 10 months I have been living a wonderful experience in Richmond, British Columbia. I went to McMath Secondary School, located in the Steveston area of Richmond. It is the nicest place in the city and the school I would recommend for an international student because it is a great school with great people and great staff. I made a lot of new friends that I will miss and the best thing is that they live around the world. I met a lot of Canadians, but I also became really close to some international students from other countries like Germany, Brazil, Japan and Denmark."

— Alan from Mexico City