Friday 15th December 2017

Homestay Information

International Students have the option of staying in a RIE Homestay Program host family. Our Homestay Coordinator organizes and facilitates an efficient homestay program to provide support to students and host families throughout their homestay experience. Living with an English-speaking Canadian family is an excellent and enjoyable way to be immersed in Canadian culture, build English-language proficiency, become part of a Canadian family, and integrate into the local community. International Students that join our homestay program will stay with a warm, welcoming, supportive, English-speaking, urban, local, Canadian family while studying at Richmond schools. All homestay families are within a short distance of our schools. Host families are carefully selected and prepared to ensure the best possible match for both the International Students and themselves. The RIE Office Staff, the Homestay Coordinator, and the school-based RIE Coordinators give ongoing support to International Students and homestay families alike. Providing quality homestay experiences is a priority for Richmond International Education.

British Columbia K-12 International Student Homestay Guidelines

The Ministry of Education of British Columbia has recently published guidelines regarding homestay for K-12 international students. International student parents/legal guardians, international students, agencies, current host families, and potential host families can learn more about these guidelines and their responsibilities by accessing the document online, downloading, or printing the document.

Local families interested in learning more about our homestay program should contact us at