Friday 15th December 2017

Living in Richmond


Richmond is a city within Metro Vancouver surrounded by the calming effects of nature, located at the mouth of the Fraser River. Richmond began as a small farming and fishing community over 100 years ago. Today, Richmond is a booming cosmopolitan suburb of Vancouver, with over 207,500 residents. The city has an increasingly diverse economic base, including fishing, market gardening, manufacturing, high technology electronics, and is home to the recently expanded Vancouver International Airport (YVR). By world standards it’s a safe, clean, community that welcomes International Students into its vibrant multicultural population.

Richmond is a special place to live and learn. It is situated within 22 minutes of downtown Vancouver using an efficient public transportation system. Students can easily access a wide variety of cultural events, fine arts opportunities, and professional sporting activities. Due to the proximity of the mountains and the ocean, recreational activities like skiing, sailing, cycling, swimming, fishing, and golf are popular. Many of Richmond’s different ethnic and cultural organizations host celebrations and cultural events throughout the year. In addition, cultural centres, community centres, and places of worship offer a warm welcome to students from abroad. Information about Richmond is available from


International Students may obtain a Go-Card Pass through their school. This pass entitles them to unlimited local travel by public transit at a reduced rate.


In addition to the school library, Richmond has a free Public Library System with a Main Branch (Brighouse) and other branches in the city. The Main Branch contains approximately 300,000 volumes, and 3,000 sets of periodicals (in electronic format) and newspapers. Library cards which will entitle students to borrow books may be obtained from any branch of the Richmond Public Library. The University of British Columbia Library (Vancouver) is also open for the public use.


There are two universities and numerous colleges in the Vancouver Lower Mainland: The University of British Columbia, located in Vancouver is the largest. Simon Fraser University in neighboring Burnaby, also accepts International Students. In the city of Richmond, there is Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) and a campus of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) that specializes in aviation and related education.


International students have come to the Richmond School District from the following countries: Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, The USA, Mexico, Thailand, China, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, The United Kingdom, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Israel, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nigeria, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Macau, United Arab Emirates, The Philippines and Singapore. Program enrollment at each school is limited to enable students maximum opportunity to utilize their English skills.