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Registration for New International Students

Before going to school, new international students must complete the registration process through the Richmond International Education office.  Some of these steps can be prepared from the student's home country, while others must be submitted after arrival in Canada.  We know there are many questions about the upcoming school year and how current travel restrictions and exemptions will affect new students.  At present, we are preparing for the new academic year as usual and asking students to prepare documents so they are ready to come if travel restrictions and exemptions are adjusted.  

Secondary students will be given the opportunity to do their ELL assessment before leaving their home country.  

Registration Steps

From your home country:

  1. Ensure you have completed the Registration Form and returned it to RIE
  2. Send a copy of your flight itinerary
  3. Complete an RIE Isolation Form (required by all students regardless of vaccination status) 
  4. Send a copy of your final 2021-2022 report card
  5. Download Zoom (for Orientation)

After arrival in Canada:

  1. Send a copy of your study permit to our office at 
  2. We will send you information on your ELL assessmnet
  3. Complete the ELL assessment
  4. Start school

Questions or Problems with registration?  Call us at 604-668-6217

English Language Learning (ELL) Assessment

Our District has extensive experience in supporting students who are English language learners.  Our students have been very successful in obtaining English fluency while at the same time, completing their education in our program. 

The purpose of the ELL assessment is to determine the student’s English ability in order to offer an integrated ELL and academic program consisting of ELL support classes and regular courses as they master English.

ELL Test, Time Limits and Sections

  Minutes Grammar Reading Writing
Grade 8 -12 105 Included Included Included
Grade 4 - 7 80 Included Included Included
Grade 2 - 3 60 Included Included Included
K - Grade 1 30 Oral assessment only by ELL teacher x x

We will email the student with login instructions once the student has submitted appropriate registration documents.  The assessment can easily be completed within the expected time provided students work at a steady pace. 

Tech Requirements

Students required a stable internet connection, and ipad/computer with audio and earbuds.