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True North - Sharing Documents

All applications are done through our online application provider True North.  请点击这里查看网申平台TRUE NORTH的流程

Using True North to Share and Access Documents

Offer Packages, invoices or Letters of Acceptance will be shared through the True North system.  Documents will be uploaded to the student’s profile on True North where it will be accessible by the Study Abroad Organization and/or parents. When a document has been uploaded to the portal, agents and/or parents will receive an email notifying them of activity on their True North account.  Simply to log in and click on the student’s name to access documents and invoices. 

Paying and Sharing Invoices

Invoices can be paid through True North using Flywire.  More information on how to make payments can be found on our Flywire page

Sharing Documents with RIE

To share documents, log in to True North and upload documents to the student’s profile where it can be accessed by a member of our team.

Parents Accessing their Child’s Information

Parents can always access documents through their True North account. If parents do not already have an account on True North, they can create one by using the same email that was included in the initial application. Forgot password? Parents can hit “Reset” password to create a new one. 

How to Create an Account in True North

  1. Visit True North
  2. Click Parents Start Here  
  3. Click Create Account and enter your name, email, and add a password.
  4. Click the Create Account button to complete.
  5. Parents can now submit applications, access information, view messages, share documents and invoices

Parents can also download the Family Portal Guide on RIE secure portal link for more further details.