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A.R. MacNeill Secondary School

Linear (September to June)
up to 950

MacNeill is focused on individual learning styles and flexible class options. Although MacNeill has a linear timetable, students can take two levels of a subject in one year, similar to a semester system.

MacNeill Secondary focusses on relationships as a foundation.  MacNeill believes that when students feel connected to their school community and to the adults in the building, they are more likely to experience success.  Advisory (Homeroom) model and POWER (Positive Attitude, Ownership, We Not Me, Excellence, Respect) matrix supports students’ social, emotional and academic success.

Staff work to provide meaningful, engaging and innovative learning experiences for students based on the new BC Ministry of Education curriculum.

Unique Programs and Courses

  • Advanced Placement
  • Incentive Outdoor Program (Gr. 8-10)
  • Studio Arts 3D, Design and Media
  • Citizenship/Leadership
  • Computer Programming
  • Car and Concepts Fabrication
  • Law
  • Robotics

School Sports

Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country Running, Swimming, Table Tennis, Track & Field, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf

Music Options

Band, Jazz Band, Guitar

School Clubs

Animal Rescue Club, Anime/Japanese Cultural Club, Art Club, Business Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Dance Team, E-Sports Club, Green Team, Running Club, Ski & Snowboard Club, Student Council

School Location


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