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Cambie Secondary School

Semester (September - January/ February to June)
up to 900

Cambie Secondary School is physically attached to the Cambie Community Centre (And East Richmond Community Association) and enjoys an inclusive and diverse student community.  As a building, Cambie has one of the top educational facilities in the province.  Cambie has an outstanding reputation for both athletics and academics, with an outstanding fine arts department, tremendous breadth of clubs, and many City, Zone, and Provincial championships in sports such as Badminton, Rugby, and Volleyball.

Cambie has a strong sense of community as well as strong and supportive school culture.  Teachers and Education Assistants work together and use innovative teaching and assessments practices, while layering in excellent use of technology.  Cambie works in partnership with the adjoining Community Center for many programs.  With our slightly smaller school population, students develop great connections with everyone within the school community and feel extremely safe.

Unique Programs and Courses

  • Medical Science courses
  • Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and other business courses
  • Mandarin 9-12
  • Photography 9-12
  • EDD (Engineering, Drafting, and Design) 9-12
  • First Responders program
  • Recreational Leadership11/12 program (for highly motivated students to enhance their leadership and organizational skills while working with the school’s Athletics program)
  • Pathways 8-10 (enrichment leadership program)

School Sports 

Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Badminton, Swimming, Track & Field

Music Options

Music classes from grade 8 to 12

School Clubs

Student Council, many other service-based clubs (ex. Rotary Interact Club, Brother Helping Others, Peace Club, People of Colour Alliance Club, Rainbow Club, Environmental Clubs, etc.), Dance clubs, Art clubs, Robotics club, Ski club, Weight Training club, and many, many more.

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