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Matthew McNair Secondary School

Semester (September to January; February to June)
up to 950

McNair is a mid-sized school with a wide variety of program offerings.  The school offers “The Mini-School” Program for motivated students from grade 8 to 12.  The program focuses on enriched academics, leadership and outdoor education.  In addition to this, McNair offers an array of excellent visual arts and culinary programming.

Unique Programs and Courses

  • Mini School- enrichment program
  • Culinary Arts Training
  • Environmental Science
  • Strings Orchestra, Concert Band and Jazz Band
  • Directing and Scriptwriting
  • Auto mechanics
  • Stagecraft/Theatre Production
  • Numerous AP programs are offered with high enrollment, including AP Calculus and Chemistry
  • Languages – Mandarin 9-12, Spanish 9-12, French 8-12

Music Options

McNair has a flourishing music program that includes choir, band and concert based extra curricular programs

School Sports

Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, Badminton

School Clubs

Student Council, Grad Council, Athletic Council, Marlinaires, ME to WE Council, Sporadical (McNair's Newspaper), Art Club, Dance Team, Yearbook Committee, Eco-Marlins

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