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Summer Digital Media Camp

Digital Media Camp combines English with two digital media courses, allowing students to explore the world around them through digital technology.  Students will use photography, animation and English to develop creative stories in the classroom and on activities throughout Metro Vancouver.  

Students in this program will:

  • Learn and use English through engagement in digital media course
  • Take two digital media courses – The Power of Pictures and Don’t Stand Still, Animate
  • Develop a basic understanding of story development through photography and animation
  • Use digital tools to create basic animation
  • Use text, images and digital tools to design and create interesting projects
  • Create a digital flip animation
  • Participate in fun activities throughout metro Vancouver, including visits to the Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park

What to learn more?  Click here for detailed course descriptions for The Power of Pictures, and Don't Stand Still, Animate 


Dates: 3 weeks in July and August, 2020

Recommended ages: 11-15

English Requirement: Upper beginner to advanced

Application:  Apply using our online application form  

Fees: $2595 (Includes tuition and insurance)

For more information, contact Richmond International Education at 

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