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Medical Insurance

Each international student in our district is provided with medical insurance for the duration of their stay in our program.  Although each student will be covered while in Canada, the type of insurance they receive will vary depending on how long they study in Richmond.  

Students will either have insurance through studyinsured by Ingle International, or a combination of the BC government’s public health plan (Medical Services Plan/MSP) and studyinsured. 


Emergency Services

Ingle offers a 24-hour helpline in multiple languages to assist students with any medical issue. Their 24-hour medical service, INTREPID 24/7™, must be contacted within 48 hours of an emergency.  



1-866-883-9787 (Toll free)

1-416-640-7865 (Call Collect)

Students are also encouraged to contact Ingle prior to visiting a clinic in Richmond as some will be able to provide an expedited claim process.  


Virtual Health

Students can access a doctor from home through Virtual Health, an online service connecting students to physicans at any time.  To access this service, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 1.866.883.9787
  2. Provide the student’s name and full policy number
  3. Inform the INTREPID 24/7™ assistant agent of the medical concern and request to see a virtual doctor.
  4. The INTREPID 24/7™ assistant agent will set up an account with the virtual health provider and email a username and password
  5. Click the link in the email to verify the email account then log in with the username and password provided
  6. Sign in again and click on Start a New Visit
  7. Fill in details, and click on Start Your Visit


Students can also contact Healthlink BC (the BC Nurses Helpline) at 811 for 24/7 free assistance in multiple languages. 

studyinsured by Ingle International

To learn more about studyinsured or to submit a claim, please visit the Richmond studyinsured website:

Insurance Schedule

Students in BC for 0 to 6 months Students in BC for 6 months or longer
  • Students will be covered by studyinsured by Ingle International for the duration of their stay.
  • Students will be covered by studyinsured by Ingle International for the first 3 months of their stay. 
  • After 3 monthsstudents will be covered by MSP and will receive additional top-up insurance through studyinsured.


Medical Services Plan

To learn more about the Medical Services Plan, visit: