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Elementary School Program


The Richmond School District has 38 elementary schools throughout the city of Richmond with approximately 11,000 students.  We accept international students into our elementary schools when space is available and when students are accompanied by a parent on a full time basis. 

All elementary schools in Richmond offer the same excellent standard of education.  Students will receive required English support while participating in class with Canadians.  

Grades: Kindergarten to grade 7 (ages 5 to 13)  

Entry Dates: September and January

Application Process

Apply online with the following documents in a PDF format.  Your application will be reviewed within 10 business days. 

Required Documents/Information 

  1. A photo of the student taken in the last 12 months
  2. Copy of the student’s passport picture page or personal ID
  3. Certified or notarized School Records/Report Cards translated into English from the current and last year of study
  4. Picture page AND the signature page of parent's passport or personal ID
  5. Signed Declaration of Eligibility
  6. Signed and notarized Declaration of Accompanying Elementary Student
  7. Completed Vancouver Costal Health Form
  8. A recommendation letter from current teacher or principal
  9. Immunization record (preferably translated into English and notarized)
  10. A local custodian who is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident over the age of 25 who lives in or near the Metro Vancouver area
  11. $200CAD application fee (non-refundable)

Additional documents (optional)

  1. Letter of Study Intent
  2. Awards and/or certificates in extra extracurricular activities

Accommodation Options

Students must live with a parent full time while in our elementary program. Parents must arrange to live in a home in or near the city of Richmond.

Fees & Dates

Fees & Dates

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“Haochuan had a great time studying at Diefenbaker. When he came to study in Canada a year ago, he can barely speak any English. We were worried about that he cannot adopt into the new school and society easily. However, his teachers, principals and classmates are very kind and thoughtful. They are not only care about his academic career, but also make sure he is in a happy and positive learning environment.”

Esmee Fang, Parent