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Homestay, whether arranged privately or through the RIE homestay program, is a crucial part of the international education experience. A homestay family is the main student support outside school and is responsible for assisting the student in all aspects of their life in Canada. RIE offers an excellent, in-house homestay program coordinated by RIE staff; however, students may live with an adult outside of the RIE homestay program provided they meet RIE homestay standards.

Students can expect a range of accommodation options in the city of Richmond, from single family homes to townhouses and condos.

All homestays are expected to adhere to the BC K-12 International Student Homestay Guidelines. For more information, please review K-12 International Student Homestay Guidelines 2018 on the Ministry of Education website. 

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Private Accommodation

Review requirements for private accommodation options in Richmond and Vancouver.
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