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Every student in Richmond, whether from Canada or abroad, enjoys the advantages of a top-notch education that opens doors to global opportunities. Richmond's alumni have been awarded prestigious scholarships, achieved Olympic success, and gained admission to renowned universities worldwide.
What We Offer Students

  • Student Achievement: consistently one of the highest achievement rates in Western Canada
  • English Language Learning (ELL) Support: the standard for the province of British Columbia
  • Modern Facilities: new, modern and inclusive learning environments

  • Course Options: a wide range of academic and elective courses, including Advanced Placement (AP), Engineering, Photography, Design, Languages, Theatre, as well as Senior and Junior Years’ International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes
  • Homestay: our in-house homestay program can personally assist students through all aspects of the homestay experience
  • Student Support: comprehensive, multi-lingual, 24/7/365 wraparound care 

Student Testimonial

Linh Pham, Vietnam

Studying abroad in Canada is both a life-changing experience and undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made for my academic career.

When I first arrived in Richmond as a shy international student back in grade 9, I was amazed by the amount of support that this community had given me along the way. The amount of care that schools have for students truly prepared all of us to become well-rounded scholars, before going off into the next chapter of our lives as adults.

In addition, the staff of Richmond School Board SD38 is always there to maximize all international students’ experience, from planning fun activities to help us explore Vancouver to assisting us with any issues that we have. I would recommend the SD38 International Student Program to any international

student who is coming to Canada, especially if you are looking for an amazing community that will soon feel like your second home.”

Giulia, Itay

I spent one year as an exchange student in Richmond, BC, Canada, and I loved every single moment of my experience abroad.

I was a grade 12 student at McMath Secondary and I loved the Canadian way of teaching, which is not too stressful but still very effective. It was nice to see a happier and less competitive environment that genuinely tries to help students learn. The school district was extremely helpful as well, as they did a wonderful job at answering the countless questions my family and I had for them.

I met incredible people that made me feel comfortable right away. I never felt this welcomed in any other country. My teachers, classmates, and my friends were always so patient (it must have been hard for them to listen to my broken English!) and kind, I could not be more grateful.

I miss every aspect of my life in Canada and can't wait to go back.

Rin, Japan

I vividly remember the day I first arrived at Vancouver International Airport; I was shocked by its multicultural [environment]. Unlike my school days in Japan, I had to deal with such diverse people who have different backgrounds and cultural aspects in their lifestyles. Nonetheless, now I can tell that that have certainly made me more confident and open-minded. Before I came to Canada, I was completely different than that and really naïve about everything, but now I have changed a lot and am really enjoying meeting new people and myself in Richmond. 

Donghao, University of Waterloo, 2017 RIE Scholarship Recipient


Studying in Richmond is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The class size is small, and the classroom resources are abundant. In addition, the teachers were approachable and caring, while the students were friendly and helpful. Even though I came in grade 11, I was able to adapt to the education system quickly and overcame the English language barrier I initially had. Also, students had flexibility. They could take the courses they like, join a variety of clubs, and participate in many fun activities. Richmond is a place where dreams begin.