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Each year RIE organizes trips for our international students to explore our beautiful country and province. Trips are optional and require additional fees. All students will be supervised by Richmond staff members throughout the trip.

2023-2024 Trips Students can sign up for trips through the Discover Canada website
Sept 23, 2023North Shore Mountain Tour with Sea Kayaking$119 including tax
Oct 20-23, 2023Rocky Mountains Summer Tour 4 day trip $759 including tax
Dec. 8, 2023
Feb. 16, 2024
Whistler 1 Day Ski and Snowboard Tour$200 including tax
March 18-21, 2024Rocky Mountains Activity Tour$649 including tax
March 23-25, 2024Yukon 3-Day Adventure Tour$1465 + 50 (Insurance)
May 17-19, 2023Tofino/Ukee 3-Day Tour$615